Call to Action – Write to your MP

ATFOA has drafted a letter so ATF’s can write to their MP and The Department of Transport to let them know of the crisis of tester shortage.

Copy and paste this text below and alter as you see fit. Figures accurate at time of blog but are subject to change.

Dear (Name of MP),

I am writing to you as my local MP to alert you to my situation regarding my Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) and my relationship with The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Previously DVSA supplied Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) testing from their own premises but in 2011 they reached out to the industry for an investment partnership and introduced The ATF scheme.

My business, (name of business), has invested (amount of investment) and gone into partnership with DVSA to deliver HGV/ PSV testing. The ATF scheme was supposed to significantly improve the existing, inefficient and dated HGV testing regime but has been laced with various challenges emanating from public sector and private sector operating differences.

(Business name) has delivered on our side of the contract that we signed with DVSA. We have:

  • Purchased land
  • Built bespoke testing facilities
  • Constructed ATF testing pits
  • Purchased roller brake testing and LEZ testing equipment
  • Employed extra administrators to deliver on our promise

Similarly, over 550 other investors have partnered with DVSA to deliver The ATF scheme across the country. As a result DVSA has saved millions of pounds in real estate and administrative expenses.

The subsequent financial liabilities (company name) has inherited from the ATF partnership are significant. However, through no fault of my/our own, I am/ we are being penalised, financially, by the challenging environment presented to us/ me.

In an attempt to improve the situation The DVSA introduced a new scheme called Next Generation Testing (NGT) but it has made matters worse and DVSA have continued to struggle to deliver on their side of the contract: For various reasons there is a shortage of DVSA testers which has resulted in (…% ) shortfall in the number of testing staff being made available to (company name).

The result of this crisis is a decrease in my/ our revenue which is impacting on the financial sustainability of (company name). However, The Authorised Testing Facility Operators Association (ATFOA) predict that DVSA’s continued apparent inability to supply testers throughout the UK, which is currently running at a 19% defecit, will start impacting on the wider industry resulting in a shortage of tests so that hauliers will be restricted from operating.

I/ we hope, that by bringing our plight to your attention, you can raise the necessary questions to the appropriate government department or raise this issue at PM questions.

Yours sincerely,


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