ATFOA – Missed test survey – To complete every missed test

Complete this survey every time you miss a test

ATFOA has been corresponding with industry stakeholders and DVSA in an effort to receive feed back to our recent proposals to help alleviate the DVSA tester shortage.

We will be updating you in due course.

During ATFOA’s meting with DVSA , they claimed there has been a disproportionate amount of test cancellations emanating from the industry. DVSA have suggested that there has been over 254 industry cancellations, in January this year, compared with only 11 DVSA test cancellations.

Just to be clear, The DVSA is suggesting that: the industry is cancelling HGV and PSV tests, not the other way round.

DVSA’s claims, regarding industry test cancellations, is contrary to information ATFOA receives from members. For example; ATFOA HQ is regularly contacted by members with reports that DVSA is still cancelling tests, often without any warning.

We are also aware that ATF’s quarterly requests for DVSA test allocations have been reduced by DVSA by between 10% and 50% – across the board.

Therefore, in order for the industry to help evidence what is really happening at the coal face, ATFOA has created a quick and simple reporting tool.

ATFOA – Missed test survey – Please click this link below and complete the 5 second survey every time you miss a test – for whatever reason

Complete this survey every time you miss a test

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