Titanic scenario – 3 month HGV MOT suspension

Dear ATF,

ATFOA are engaging with our stakeholders and DVSA on a range of measures as we need to start planning, now, to help mitigate against a range of problems that have only just started to materialise, for example;

Some hauliers schedule tests with ATF’s a year in advance, so when testing re-starts what happens to existing booked tests?

What tests take precedence? Existing or those vehicles that have been suspended.

The ATF capacity (and DVSA’s) will be overloaded when testing restarts, so at the end of the 3 months, how are we going to work through the back log?

DVSA struggle to supply the flexibility the market requires in ‘normal’ conditions so it will probably mean that suspended vehicles will need a further exemption (a compliance exemption) as slots won’t be available.

Even if DVSA offered an additional 3 month compliance exemption there would be double the workload so the reality would demand 6, 9 months or even 12 onths compliance exemption to help relieve the demand, unless DVSA consider other solutions.

Would DVSA consider ATF’s training their own staff to assist with the testing back log, even during a temporary period. If so, training needs to start now.

We should explore the practicality of extended testing times – to 24 hours

How might we utilise transparent compliance, such as, ‘earned recognition’ to reduce the temporary demand for testing.

We need to consider that some ATF’s will not survive their 3 month closure so it could be that testing capacity is further reduced.

I’d be happy for your input, please email atfoperators@gmail.com with any contribution.

Kind regards

Stephen Smith


ATFO Association

M:07931 241 714

One Reply to “Titanic scenario – 3 month HGV MOT suspension”

  1. Excellent words Steve I know when this is over we will work night and day subject to Dvsa staffing levels to assist our customers to try and clear the back lot up


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