Delegated testing database for HGV/ PCV MOT – real time map of UK

Go straight to the survey to add in your testing resource here >>>
Dear ATF,
Firstly, may I thank everyone who has shown their support recently by becoming a fully paid up member. This is much appreciated.
And secondly, may I ask that if you have not yet joined, but like what we are doing, then you consider supporting ATFOA financially to help us meet the needs of our campaigning.
The ATFOA team is working round the clock communicating at the highest level of government and with DVSA and other stakeholders, lobbying on your behalf. this takes a great deal of time so any contributions will help subsidise the vital role ATFOA are playing at this time.
During our communications with DVSA, ATFOA have been asked to provide a set of proposals to help resolve the testing exemption gap. ATFOA applauds their open mindedness and hope they take on board our main drive to accept that delegated testing is the only plausible solution to resolve the situation.
Although our main proposal to resolve the issues created by the exemption is delegated testing, ATFOA have provided a whole range of suggestions – please see previous blog.
ATFOA are now looking for your assistance. We thought it helpful to build a database for DVSA to appreciate the private testing resource availability for their consideration.
Please complete the survey here >>>


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