ATFOA Survey results & live map update

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Dear ATF,
DVSA director of operations (South) has been quoted in Motor Transport as saying “We do not agree with the recommendations made by the ATFOA.”.
If true, this is extremely disappointing as last time we communicated, DVSA confirmed they were keeping an open mind.
Indeed, they reached out to their ATF partners and requested information, that ATFOA submitted on 4th May, as a series of proposals supporting the main solution of delegated testing.
Despite the absence of a formal response from DVSA, ATF Operators continue to complete the ATFOA survey that builds the real time testing resource map that now shows over 2500 potential private testers are available. – we live in hope.
Whilst the testing community and hauliers await for DVSA’s decision, there is a clear pattern forming from the result of a particular question from the survey;
Please see results below for when we asked you – “What best describes your perception on government guidelines and DVSA’s decision to suspend testing”
23.7% Answered “It is correct that DVSA suspend testing”
76.3% Answered “The logic is deeply flawed to suspend testing, DVSA testers, DVSA enforcement and private industry technicians all work in a similar environment so should all be treated the same.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 22.04.05



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