Chairs message

At our recent Crisis Forum we discussed options to help over come the existing challenging environment we have to endure. The uncomfortable truth is that our industry relies on just one supplier, The DVSA, to supply testers.

A combination of low pay, poor morale and contractual inhibitions have contributed to a failing, by DVSA, to keep up with ATF’s demand.

One such thread discussed was exploring a hybrid system based on Germany’s testing regime. In brief; Germany employ an independent body to supply testers but the government exchequer still remains in charge of the quality, policy and compliance.

It is the ATFOA’s view that the private sector, via an independent body, would be much more successful in supplying testers because it would be better suited to adjust to peaks and troughs from the testing community.

Membership subscription would go a long way to fund The ATFOA exploring ideas such as this so that we can take our message to government and lobby for a better deal.

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